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Executive coaching & leadership development

Executive leadership can be a lonely place. You’re an executive because you’ve earned it – but that doesn’t mean you always have the answers your people are looking to you to provide. I’ve spent over 30 years working with leaders and offer my experience (along with a proven coaching framework and strategies) to help you clearly see your challenges and opportunities and to assist you in your leadership journey.

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Become the leader your people need you to be.

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Gain perspective and altitude

Know where you stand . . . Receive focused and specific feedback

Know where you’re going, lead with clear vision, values, and personal awareness

Find your opportunities.

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See and understand your blind spots

Leverage your strengths through assessments and feedback processes

Align with your people and business needs

Be responsible for positive change.

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Reach your highest potential as a leader

Expand your ability to communicate through trust, openness, and transparency, creating a thriving and healthy culture

Be intentional in building a powerful leadership legacy that makes a difference in the lives of those you lead

Leadership isn't a walk in the park.

There are times when a hike by yourself is invigorating and renewing. But when the path becomes a bit more challenging and the exposure is high, it’s always better to have someone you trust walk that part of the journey with you, to keep you on the path and help you find the way.

I love to climb mountains and I love to collaborate with leaders as they consider some of their most challenging problems – providing ideas, strategies, and solutions that elevate both leader and organization.

If you’re looking for someone to walk with you for a while on your leadership journey, I’d love to earn your trust and walk with you. I’m confident that together, we’ll both learn new things, see new vistas, and be better people when we get to the top!

I work with...


Executive team members

Senior VPs

Human resources


Proven coaching framework & strategies

Comprehensive team assessments and diagnosis

Proven strategies to improve team trust, leadership effectiveness, interpersonal communications, problem solving, and conflict resolution

Effective structures and frameworks to deal with the problems at hand

You have a window of opportunity to make a difference and to impact people, your organization, your community, and your world. Do you see what those opportunities are for you? How will you seize your opportunity? What will your legacy be?

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The Day Hike

8 hours of intense coaching, however you want to use the time. If you want to spend a day – we’ll do it. Or spread it out over 8 weeks if you’d like.

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The Thru-Hiker

 A 12-18 month structured program to identify your blind spots and opportunities. Includes personal assessments, a dynamic 360-degree feedback process, and up to 12 days of coaching via 1:1 virtual coaching sessions and coaching calls.

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The Outback

An intensive, three-day packout in the mountains of Colorado where we’ll engage head-on with your challenges, blockers, and opportunities. Expect to be challenged inside and out.

Don't let your leadership hold your people or your business back. Here's what happens when we work together:

Leadership becomes more aligned

Employees become more engaged

Workplaces attract and retain top talent

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