Services & Packages

From outdoor intensives to long-term virtual engagements, I offer something for everyone.

Structured coaching

I can provide a proven and structured 12 – 18 month coaching methodology that includes a workbook and regular cadence that focuses on: 

  • Expanding self-awareness & leveraging personal strengths
  • Enhancing key leadership competencies
  • Integrating “intuition” and “passion” more fully in your leadership
  • Exploring and activating your capacity to adapt
  • Strengthening personal and team accountability
  • Creating high-performing teams that deliver consistent results
  • Applying new skill sets in your everyday leadership environment

Customized coaching

If you are looking for more of a customized coaching approach with specific outcomes and results, we can collaboratively leverage your experience and my 30 years of coaching to create a coaching experience specifically tailored to your needs and expectations. I have worked with executives in both large corporate settings and small. As we work together to meet your specific needs, the sky’s the limit in what can be achieved.

For executives

I offer a 12-18 month structured executive leadership coaching program which includes personal assessments, a dynamic 360-feedback process and up to 12 days of coaching.  This coaching model consists of 7-8 days of one-on-one coaching sessions (conducted virtually) as well as weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls.

personal assessments

360-degree feedback process 

one-on-one coaching sessions 

frequent coaching calls

Leadership coaching

Career planning

Personal development

For leaders

I also offer a collaboratively developed and customized coaching framework designed exclusively to support any leader in achieving your own personal development plans, your organization’s development plans or your organization’s leadership development strategies.

For teams

I have the experience and the ability to provide team coaching for you and your executive team.  This approach comes complete with team assessment, diagnosis and proven strategies to improve team trust, leadership effectiveness, interpersonal communications, problem solving strategies and conflict resolution.

Team assessments

Team building

Problem-solving strategies

Conflict resolution

(custom options available)

An HR team member listens to an employee

The Day Hike

8 hours of intense coaching, however you want to use the time. If you want to spend a day – we’ll do it. Or spread it out over 8 weeks if you’d like.

A leader presents his vision while engaged employees look on


A 6-month deep dive that includes 16 hours of one-on-one coaching, personal assessment, and bi-weekly phone calls focusing on business-specific goals and personal development strategies.

An executive leader engages his team in a conference room

The Thru-Hiker

 A 12-18 month structured program to identify your blind spots and opportunities. Includes personal assessments, a dynamic 360-degree feedback process, and up to 12 days of coaching via 1:1 virtual coaching sessions and coaching calls.

A trail into the mountain splits into two directions

The Trail Ride

This is a customized, one-of-a kind, 3-day coaching/mentoring experience designed to reawaken your passion and appreciation for the great outdoors. Using kayaks, ATVs or side-by-sides, you’ll see beauty and nature that will leave you breathless and full of awe. This is where I introduce you to my best friend Jon (a successful business executive in his own right) and we’ll talk, laugh, reflect, and renew, ultimately sending you back to your organization with new perspectives, solutions, and ideas – and maybe a new hobby or two if you’re lucky. 🙂

View from up high looking over mountain ranges and an alpine lake

The Fourteener

Depending on the season, your personal health, and climbing abilities, we’ll climb one of Colorado’s fifty-four 14ers. This customized coaching process is a little more than a walk through the trees. You’ll gain insights and perspectives into your leadership and you’ll check off one of the “things to do” on your bucket list! For the Adventurous, not for the faint of heart!

Dave Angus coaches another man on the way down a mountain

The Outback

An intensive, three-day packout in the mountains of Colorado where we’ll engage head-on with your challenges, blockers, and opportunities. Expect to be challenged inside and out.

Become a coach

I am committed to providing you with the resources you need to take the leadership concepts you experience in your coaching with me deeper into your organization. To do so, I work with your leadership development staff to train and license them to use my coaching workbook and program.

If you are already an executive coach and looking for an additional coaching framework and a proven coaching model. I provide training and licensing in the use of my materials.

For more information about coach certification and licensing, please contact me.

Guide notes

Your leadership – like it or not – has the power to influence your company’s entire culture. If you’ve lost sight of why you do what you do or where you’re going, I can help. Any leader will benefit from getting an outside perspective, being willing to do the inner work, and engaging with the truth about themselves. Become alive in your leadership and thrive!

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