Toxic Organizational Behaviors

An older male leader reviews proposals from his team

Toxic Organizational Behaviors

For over thirty years now, I have been invited into organizations as both a team building expert and an executive leadership coach to assist leaders in building cohesive teams and strengthening leadership.  Many of the organizations knew that there were problems and that they would benefit in working with someone outside the organization who could assess the situations with objectivity and provide effective structures and frameworks to effectively deal with the problems at hand.

As I reflect upon my past three decades of work and consider the primary sources of the problems that I have been asked to assist with, in almost all cases, there have been common denominators associated with these problems.  I call these common denominators, “Toxic Organization Behaviors”.  These behaviors tend to lead to broken or fragmented leadership teams and ineffective leaders.

This article is about some of the most persistent and costly toxic organizational behaviors and the impact these behaviors have on organizations . . .

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